The Surprise               Josh Kim

 "Feizi, play me that song again" said Emperor Lee while he closed his eyes.

  “Ok you should sleep” said Feizi and he played the song on the piano again.

 Feizi was an adopted kid but he was so special which made Emperor Lee the Chinese king impressed. It was his super human strength. Feizi first got his powers when a doctor accidentally gave him steroids which he thought was a flu shot. It made him stronger, faster, and a slightly bigger. When the doctor found out, he lied and told his parents that he died but instead, he was in a room for surgery. He exchanged his right arm for a right steel arm. When the doctor told the king, he made Feizi work for him when he grew up. So now he works as a musician for the king but no one knew except for the king, Feizi himself, and the doctor who died. Lee was made with human body parts and others so he would never die to become the next king.

It was the year 2401 when Japan fought China. Japans leader was a crazy doctor who was really good at fighting. His name was Dr. Fuzzlebun. He decided to attack Emperor Lee the next day with his robot soldiers. He prepared all the weapons, soldiers, and flying cars which can teleport.

“Should I play on the cello now?” Said Feizi

“Yes go play it” replied Lee

Once doctor Fuzzlebun got to Lee's temple, he wore his invisible blanket and threw a grappling rope at the roof. 

"Hurry up soldiers!" whispered Doctor Fuzzlebun as he started climbing.

"Ok master" they replied

The doctor kneeled down and used his legs to move. Then he slid his ear across while he listened for any talking but he heard music coming from a piano. He stood up slowly, walked ten meters to the next room and enlarged his jackhammer 249 from the little jackhammer inside his pocket. The jackhammer 249 was a huge machine which can dig 10 million miles underground. He gently dropped the sharp end to the ceiling and pressed a red button. Suddenly, a big noise filled the whole area. Then Doctor Fuzzlebun threw it away. The ceiling had a big hole in it and he slowly dropped down with the jet shoes he wore down to the hole.

“Wake up! Wake up!” shouted Feizi. Lee woke up fast and took out his laser gun and pointed it to the wall. They heard the shoes lowering Fuzzlebun down to the floor. So Emperor Lee backed up to the other wall while Feizi pretended he was playing the piano.

The doctor placed a mine on the wall and ran to the back. “Watch out!” he said. Just then the mine blew up and broke a hole in the wall to the emperor. Then he toke out his bazooka and blew up a corner of the wall. Then he ran in and took out his katana and started slicing the air. He ran to Lee while slicing air. First he threw one and it was heading for his head but he ducks downs and the sword sticks in the wall. Then Feizi threw the grand piano and crushed the doctor between the wall and the piano. He shouts “help me help soldiers!” but they were all too scared to fight Feizi but lieutenant Guo ran up and threw his shurikens (star shaped throwing item) to Feizi but Feizi used his metal arm as a shield and blocked all the shurikens away, then a big gun came out of his bionic arm and a big red blast came out and blew Guo in to ashes.

All the soldiers bowed down on their knees and repeated “we will now all obey you master”.

Doctor Fuzzlebun escaped from between the piano and the wall but Feizi threw the cello at 1000 mph/sec and cut a hole through his stomach and he dropped dead.

So at the end, China won and only two people died but violently. And China’s army turned stronger and better.