Swimming in Pusan Aqua Palace         Josh Kim


Swimming in Pusan Aqua Palace was really fun because there were lots of slides, tubes, saunas, pools, and Jacuzzis. There were lots of people. I really like the scary water tubes, and pools. There were three slides, three tubes, and two saunas (one for male and one for females).


 At the afternoon, my uncle told us to go to the pool first and stay there for around one to two hours and we went on water tubes, swam in pools, and went on slides. Some people were talking to us in Korean which I don’t understand so I was a bit nervous going around because at the water tubes, the staff had to tell you what to do which was to lie down on your back and keep your head up a bit while crossing your arms but I pretended to understand them.


The swimming pools were 1.1m deep and my little brother was 1.16m tall so it went above his eyes so he had to swim to move.


The smallest slide was perfect for my little brother. It was about three meters high and it was going down in a 45°angle. He went down really fast and came crashing in to the water.


We stayed in the hot pools for around half an hour which made our skin wrinkly.


It all added up to one and a half hours so we changed our clothes and went out. When we went outside I saw my uncle coming up the stairs to pick us up.


Since the Aqua Palace was right under the hotel we were staying at called The Pusan Aqua Palace Hotel, we just had to go on the elevator and go up to the twelfth floor.


The whole time at the Aqua palace was fun but at the end, my skin was all wrinkly and rough but it was worth it.