Skiing in Korea   Josh Kim


Skiing in Korea was really fun.

We went skiing for two day in my holiday to Korea.


I went skiing with my second oldest sister, my little brother, my uncle and aunt, and my cousin for two separate days. First, we would go to a ski store called Hisol and we always rented some ski clothes and skis. Then we went skiing in an outdoor skiing place called The Eden Valley resort for 9 hours. There was a building next to the skiing tracks to rest and take a break. Inside, there were Korean food on the second floor and Places to take a break on the first floor.


There were five types of skiing tracks. The beginner’s, the advanced, the intermediate advanced, the professional track, and a track only for a skiing school called The Ski School.


The first day we went skiing I went on the beginner track about twenty times. You have to wait in line and stand in front of the chair lift so it can lift you up. When you get to the top, you have to ski down a short hill and then you can go down the real hill. There are lots of hills in the track. There are also parts of ice on the track, which always make you slip a bit every time you go on it. I finally made myself ski down the advanced track and it was really easy! So I skied on the intermediate advanced track and it was even easier. So I went on it about five times and I went on the professional track. I almost fell because of all the ice but it was pretty easy to ski down.


I went to my siblings on the beginners and told them everything and they decided to come with me on the advanced track. First we brought my little brother to my uncle and then we both went to the advanced track. My sister said it was hard and scary so she went to the building and took a break.


Then my uncle went in and told us that we should get dinner while the skiing staff cleaned the snow with big trucks so we went upstairs and ate dinner. The dinner was delicious.


After the dinner we went back down and skied for a while. My sister finally went down the professional track but she fell at the end of the track.



Three or four days later we went back to the same ski resort and skied again. My little brother learnt how to ski and I learnt how to ski down the ramp and land down again. The most fun part was the ramp because you get to ski down pretty fast and when you get to the ramp you have a feeling that you’re going to fall but instead you just fly in to the air and land down after a second. Going on the ramps was really scary but it’s definitely easier then going down on a snowboard because I can only snowboard for a bit until I fall down.


Every time I go somewhere warm after skiing, my fingers become uncomfortable and they usually hurt for a long time, especially when you’re eating.


At the end of skiing, we all went back to Hisol and returned our clothes and ski equipment. Then we would all go back to the hotel to sleep or to somewhere fun.


When we went back home I told my oldest sister who didn’t come that I only fell three times in total which was pretty impressive to her.