My trip to Korea in the winter holiday By Josh Kim


For the winter holiday, I went to Korea and I traveled around the eastern part of Korea. My two sisters, my brother, my uncle, my aunt, and I went. My dad was in Japan and my mom had to take care of the baby in Beijing.


Sat Dec. 13 – Sun Dec. 21

I stayed in Beijing and played a lot but it was pretty boring. Every day I had to go swimming with my swimming coach and at night I get to play my D.S.


Mon Dec 22

I went to Pusan and visited my uncle’s parents again. At night, we slept at a hotel called Hotel Homers. I thought it was a funny name but the hotel was pretty good and it was on the other side of the street was a beach. We might sleep there for two days.


Thursday December 24

Hotel Homers had some great foods and today we went to watch a movie called Bolt and it was really good. In the movie theater, we ate 3 packs of nachos, 2 bags of popcorns, and 2 bottles of coke.


Saturday Dec. 26

I caught a cold and my throat turned sore. We also slept at a hotel next to hotel homers called The Commodore and were going to stay there for 2 nights.  The hotel looked like a traditional Japanese house but with around 12 floors and it is a 5 star hotel. The hotel Homers is a 4 star hotel. Every night we all slept at 1:00 - 4:00am for a strange reason.


This Saturday night I had a really weird nightmare/dream. I had a small nightmare and I kept on having a shock which had a feeling when you fell on the floor or tripped over the stairs.


Sunday December 27 – December 28

For two days I didn’t do much because my uncle said I shouldn’t go outside because I might get another cold or even a fever. But I liked staying home because I played on the WII, on my D.S, on my computer, watched T.V, and played PSP. I played for almost 70 hours. At the end, my fingers, eyes, arm, and head hurted so I slept at 4:00.


December 29

On Monday (January 29) we went to a ski store and rented some ski clothes. Then, we went skiing in an outdoor ski resort for 9 hours. We ate Korean food on the second floor and skied on the first floor. There were 5 types of skiing tracks. The beginner’s, the advanced, the intermediate advanced, the pro’s, and a track only for a skiing school called The Ski School. I went on all of them except on the professional track. And that day, I only fell once.


December 30

I went to an amusement park and I went on each ride at least twice. It was a really good day.


December 31 2008

My family and I stayed up until 2:00 and we counted down for happy New Year. We saw lots of fire works through our windows on the 11th floor.


January 1 2009

We went to Pusan Aqua Palace and slept there for the night. We went to the swimming pools, sauna's, water slides, water parks, and we went water tubing. Water tubing was a activity where you had to sit on a round tube and go down a big long slide filled with water to make it fast and it was really scary but fun.


Friday January 2

I went skiing again and this time I went on the professional track and I didn’t even fall once. At night we packed to get ready for going back home.


Saturday January 3

We went to the airport and we were going pass the visa part when the security man told my sister her visa was expired and so my aunt and I went alone and my uncle, sister, and my little brother stayed at Korea.



Sunday January 4

My uncle told us that they’d come back at Tuesday afternoon so my sister and brother missed 2 days of school. I also remember that Rainer had my bag at his car so I got worried at night about it. My trip to Korea was really good and amazing.